Music – A Powerful Learning Tool

The Power Up Ed sciTunes Curriculum uses scientifically accurate music to meet learning standards for each system of the human body in fun and memorable ways. Nearly every genre of modern popular music is used to reach as broad a range of students as possible. Genres include rock, country, hip-hop, reggae, alternative, pop, bluegrass, metal, and more. You will find that the science content is delivered with accuracy along with a playful sense of humor that kids find appealing. Studies show that when used in this way music improves retention.

Enjoy All 11 Tracks of the sciTunes Human Body Music Album for Free!

Check Out The sciTunes Human Body Curriculum for
5th – 9th graders that goes with this rockin’ music!

1. Made Of Cells (Body Organization)

2. It Takes Guts! (Digestive System)

3. Know The Food Pyramid (Nutrition)

4. Red(neck) Blood Cells (Circulatory System)

5. Breathe In, Breathe Out (Respiratory System)

6. Not On The Seat (Excretory System)

7. White Blood Cells, Attack! (Immune System)

8. Bone Thugz (Skeletal System)

9. The Beach Is That Way (Muscular System)

10. I Got Neurons In My Brain! (Nervous System)

11. Hormones Coming Out My Ears! (Endocrine/Reproductive Systems)

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